Capital Bee Supply
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Capital Bee Supply, LLC. 201 Acacia Ln, Madison, WI 53716
    Capital Bee Supply
    Committed to customer service, high quality products, sustainable practices and community education.
  • Manufacturing
    We utilize modern process and advanced manufacturing techniques to produce high quality woodenware.
  • From the traditional 
    to the innovative and unique
    We have the knowledge, skills and faciltiies.
  • Experience
    We are more than just manufacturers. We are beekeepers too.
  • Support
    We are committed to helping people be successul beekeepers
  • comm kitchen
    High quality products
    We test, evaluate and use the products we sell in our own apiary and commercial kitchen
  • renewable energy
    Our dual-axis tracking solar panels produce over 12,000 kwH annually.
  • WE ARE
    Capital Bee Supply
    Manufacturers and Purveyors of Fine Beekeeping Equipment
About Capital Bee Supply
Capital Bee Supply was originally started to help beekeepers in the greater Madison, WI area and to help new people become beekeepers. We are committed to high quality products, sustainable practices and community education.

As a manufacturer / mail order company we currently do not have a retail location for you to browse our products. Our manufacturing and primary warehousing facilties are located in Columbus, WI and we have small warehousing in Madison. You are always welcome to come and see our products, pick up products,  try on protective gear and talk about bees. Just give us a call ahead of time so we can make sure your order is ready and/or someone is available to assist you.
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